Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surprise, surprise, the Tucson SWAT team

has been cleared of all wrongdoing.

One of the wonderful bits:
A SWAT officer, Sgt. Bob Krygier, told officials of the sheriff's office who investigated the incident that the raid on Guerena's home was probing "possible drug running, home invasions and potential homicides."

He said "many guns" were found in the house, including the AR-15 that Guerena was holding, another rifle and a handgun. Body armor and a U.S. Border Patrol hat also were found, he said.

"He was well-armed, well armored," Krygier said.

But when asked if Guerena was wearing body armor at the time of his death, he said, "No. ... He basically had a pair of boxer briefs on and that was it."
"He had GUNS! He had BODY ARMOR!! Well, except for being in his underwear, but HE HAD IT!!!"
These miserable fuckers have already admitted they found NOTHING illegal in the house, so they keep throwing crap like this out.


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