Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I wonder if these idiots actually know (Updated)

what they're watching?

Added: You can put the bear in a cage,

but he's still a bear looking to eat a seal


Marja said...

I suppose so. On the theoretical level. Not in their gut.

Sailorcurt said...

At one point, dad said "it's precious" or something to that effect.

I think he believed the cat just wanted to play.

These are the kind of people who feed the bears and then don't understand why the bear attacked them when they stopped feeding it.

Wild animals are not pets.

BobG said...

Like waving a bucket of chicken wings in front of a hungry teenager.

Anonymous said...

Perfect sized baby animal. The natural prey of cats, big and small. And I suspect neither parent has a clue there.

Ted said...

Reminds me of this.

Keith said...

It's not just lions that do that sort of thing, although the mix of lions with people riding on bicycles in Africa is not a healthy one.

When I was about 4 years old, there was a wolf or a coyote tracking me at a zoo.

There's a butterfly house just south of Edinburgh, which had a big python back in 2006, the thing was about 15' or 18' long, and the staff there said that it tracked small children as they went past its enclosure.

Tam said...

I thought it was funny.

Poor kitty! You got big fangs and claws and all we got was thumbs and brains. You spent a million years eating on us and now we keep you in glass boxes and let our baby monkeys laugh at you.

Better luck next universe, kitty!

Firehand said...

Scream and leap, Kzin!

Firehand said...

Ted, I'm adding that, thanks