Thursday, January 06, 2011

Og has a bathroom story

over here, which reminded me of my own; no sex, but plenty of potential for embarrassment.

Back when was married to first wife we'd stopped at a fabric store to look for some costume material. It was after lunch, and suddenly the digestive tract advised me that lunch needed to exit. Now. So I headed for the back.

Go through the door into the back and there's not much light, I look around and see 'Restrooms' on a sign and head that way, through the door and into a stall and- with literal great relief- sit. About halfway through I heard the door open and footsteps that sounded a little odd. Door opens in the stall next to mine, closes, I glance down.

At an obviously female foot in a brown high heel shoe, said foot attached to a leg that was obviously coming out of a skirt. Bleep.

I sat there very quietly until she finished and left, very quickly washed hands and got the hell out, after peeking out to see if anybody was in the back.

And yeah, there were two doors. I checked. They needed more light back there.

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Marja said...

I have to admit I have used the men's restroom a couple of times when there was a huge line waiting to get into the women's and not to the men's and I was in a real hurry. Maybe it's the different plumbing, guys can go faster, but that usually seems to be the case with most parties.