Thursday, July 29, 2010

On one of the idiot 'explanations' of the latest pretty Russian spy:

If someone did know a little bit about this kind of technology, and had a grasp of history, they would come to the much more reasonable conclusion that the Russians would be interested in obtaining the latest U.S. technology so that they could reverse engineer it and then build advanced night vision scopes for export sales and/or use this tech to equip their own soldiers.

For the record, Russian soldiers aren't assassins either, and know hell of a lot more about night vision gear than some self-aggrandizing media whore retired New York cop.


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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the particular brand of NV scopes she was "smuggling" are made in either Russia or China.

Anonymous said...

The eastern bloc got second gen technology even before the fall of communism. A long since deceased friend quit his job rather than be part of that bit of treachery.

Third gen is United states only. Other NATO allies only get supplies for front line fighter aircraft and the like when the last recruiting sergeant in Arkansas that wants one is supplied.

Solid state intensified chips are not covered by any of the restrictions, so the Ruskies and the ChiComms will have had them for years.