Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'll point to two pieces of idiocy in this article

First is the usual 'neo-Nazi groups are right-wing extremists'; ignore the 'National SOCIALIST' stuff, they've GOT to be right wing types, correct?

The stone-throwing incident in Hanover, however, has finally forced the authorities to take a closer look at a group of offenders that, though largely overlooked until now, is no less motivated by anti-Zionist sentiments: adolescents and young adults from an immigrant community who are influenced by Islamist ideas and are prepared to commit acts of violence.

An informal and accidental alliance has been developing for some time between neo-Nazis and some members of a group they would normally despise: Muslim immigrants. The two groups seem to share vaguely similar anti-Semitic ideologies.
The only reason they've been 'largely overlooked' is stupidity. And vaguely similar anti-Semitic ideologies? How the HELL can supposedly intelligent people write something like that?

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Anonymous said...

How? Because the MSM (and fellow travelers) have forgotten (or are ignoring -- more likely) their history -- that the Arabs of the 1930's sat at the feet of Adolf Hitler and the NAZI party to learn lessons on how to rid themselves and their world of the Jews.

B Woodman