Saturday, July 31, 2010

I don't want to hear another damned word from ANYONE about the wonders of British society,

and I sure-hell don't want to hear how wonderful their 'law enforcement' personnel are.
But the small amount of traffic that passes through the Dorset village came to a dramatic standstill - after armed police opened fire on a van in broad daylight.

After secretly pursuing the vehicle, they waited until it came to halt, and then burst out into the road firing rounds into the tyres.

They then smashed a window and dragged the driver out in shocking scenes that followed an investigation into alleged plans to blow up a nearby mosque.
Ah, a planned terrorist attack stopped, right?
Yesterday, as it emerged that none of the men had been charged with any crimes, police insisted the tyre shooting had been safe.
Oh yeah, shooting out tires on a crowded street, whatever could go wrong? Especially since(I guess we know who that moron officer in Maryland has been taking lessons from)
Officers had followed England Defence League member John Broomfield, 27, home from work and waited until he was stuck in traffic in the tourist spot before they pounced.
The level of idiocy involved in this is staggering. HE'S FRIGGIN' STOPPED IN TRAFFIC and they shoot out the tires! And then smash the window and drag him through it?

Wonder if they're going to replace the tires and window they destroyed?

Note the last line of this report:
'At this stage there is no indication whatsoever that any of the mosques in Dorset are under threat of attack.'
More wonderful English policing here.

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Luton Ian said...

I'm reminded of the guy who was shot to hell in London in the eighties. He was stuck in traffic, sitting in a mini, and it was a case of mistaken identity. Poor sod survived it to.

Can't remember his name for the life of me.

I got a fright with the name of one of the guys arrested. It is one letter different from a gunsmith who I've bought stuff from, he's much too young to be the smith, which is a big relief, for the gunsmith's sake and for all of his customers.

I've seen guys trying to shoot tyres out in an old quarry using pistol calibre carbines, some of the ricochets were frightening.

Reading about the West Midlands cops treatment of protesters is frightening too. I don't know what the godess of unintended consequences (or for that matter what the godlet, glitch) will do with that spin of her prayer wheel. A British version of the Haganah perhaps?

Experience from Luton in 1984: a pigs head on the minarette resulted in the minarette having to be entirely re-built. I wonder whether today's cops would still stand in a line to separate the two sides in the confrontation which followed between the Irish and the Muslims?

Anonymous said...

ANybody think if this had been a van full of muzzies on their way to blow up a church or synagogue or airport - whatever, that they would have had a trouble from the po-po? Heck they probably would have gotten a police escort to protect them from hate-speechers.

Luton Ian said...

OK, Found a link to the mistaken identity guy who was shot and pistol whipped by the Met in the 80s.

Absolutely disgusting example of only oneness!