Thursday, July 29, 2010

In a very short gunny post,

the other day had a chance to fire one of these: the Bernardelli BabyYeah, it's really that small: not quite 4.2" long, .6" thick and 2.7" tall, tiny little thing. And empty weighs a grand total of just under 9 ounces; very much a pocket pistol.

According to what I could find, they began making these in 1949, on a quick search couldn't find an end date(added: reference just ran across was 1968, after that import banned due to their size). They were chambered in either .22 Short or .22 Long; the one I fired was a Long. The safety is on the left at the front of the grip: up for not reallySafe, down for Fire.

This is one of the smallest, lightest pistols I've ever handled, especially for all steel construction. Only my middle finger wrapped around the grip, but recoil wasn't bad at all. Sights are in a groove machined into the top of the slide: a nice square little post in front and a notch in back. If I have a chance to shoot it again I'll try some more precise aiming, the other day it was a chance to put a few rounds through and that was it. The trigger broke a lot more cleanly than I expected, too.

All in all, a very interesting little piece. I'll close with this I found at Unblinking Eye:
I consider these guns curiosities. They are fun to plink with, but can hardly be considered serious self-defense weapons, although if you could throw one hard enough and with sufficient accuracy it would have much the same effect as a rock. Since the safety only locks the connector, I fear the striker could be released if the gun were dropped, so I would not carry one with a round in the chamber.
Nowadays when you can get a .32 in a slightly larger package, this isn't something I'd want to rely on, true enough; it's way down in the 'Any gun is better than no gun(but some are just barely)' rankings.

But it's so damn cute, I want one.


Anonymous said...

Got a MAnn .25 that I picked up about 30 years ago. It's a little is smaller then the Bernadelli and way thinner then a Baby Browning. Took me forever to find a mag after I picked it up.

Firehand said...

Smaller?!? Damn!

And I'll bet it did.

JohnW said...

Where did you get .22 Long? Trim down .22 LR in a lathe?

Firehand said...

Guy had a brand-new box of CCI Long ammo; so they're still making it. I know they make CB Long, too.

Woodsong - Find Gun Sites said...

Do I need one? No. Do I want one ...

Love those mouseguns!