Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the 'breaking windows' post,

Stormbringer has this to say, with arguing in the comments.

This whole thing keeps percolating in the back of my mind. I've got a pretty good idea what the media and the socialists in DC(and some state capitals) will say and do if it begins; as the previous post on the 'racism' accusation notes much of the major media has no problem lying about anyone who defies The Obama and his minions so we'll never get a fair shake there. And considering the number of crapweasels meeting in DC today to vote who apparently don't care if they get reelected so long as they shove this down our throats- combined with the corrupting influence of being in DC- I don't know as the elections in November will really help; even if you replace every boob who votes 'yes' AND every boob you suspect of voting 'no' only because he got permission from Pelosi, trying to dump this socialized medicine scheme may be damn near impossible(see 'corrupt media' and 'corrupt politicians' above). So is there anything left, short of breaking things, that just might cause these people to understand just how far over the line they've gone?

Guys, I don't want to start breaking windows; I hate the thought of it. I also hate the thought of the bastards in DC and their little minions who've decided that they're privileged to order my life for me no matter what I think. I keep coming back to "Where's the Line? How do I know it's beyond words and demonstrations and we need to DO something?"

One of the things that most distresses me in this shit is that I've come to have a great lack of trust and confidence in our law enforcement and justice system. Far too many who carry the badge will carry out orders they know are in violation of the Constitution because they're more worried about getting yelled at by their supervisor or fired than damaging or destroying someones life; too many in the federal levels will carry out those illegal orders because they know the System will protect them, just like it protected Horiuchi. And too many of the politicians we used to have trust in have become so corrupted that we just cannot trust them AT ALL.

Remember the screaming by Stupid Party politicians when that crooked Representative's office was searched by the FBI? Proper search warrant, actual corruption investigation, and these bastards screaming that THEIR offices cannot be searched, No Sir! WE are special, WE are not like some commoner whose office and home can be searched! Do these idiots have any idea, any at all, just how many people said 'Screw these clowns' and walked away from the Stupid Party over that final straw? Do they even bleeping CARE?

Speaking of the Stupid Party, it's headed by that moron Steele. Who decided to announce that the criticism of some of his actions was based on his being black. Think he has any idea how many people he pissed off? How much he damaged that party? Does he actually care?

The Evil Party most of us have just flat given up on. It's dominated by people like Pelosi and Obama and his little terrorist and communist friends and the unions who collectively don't give a rats shaved ass for what ANYBODY thinks, so long as they have power; it'd take the equivalent of a Magnitude 9.8 quake to make any real change there.

Folks, I don't have any solid conclusion. Just that while I'd much rather get their attention more gently part of me really thinks we ought to be warming up the tar right now- hell, should have a roofers trailer already heated up and sitting in front of the House with a trailer full of pillows next to it, waiting for them to come out.

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Mattexian said...

I keep coming back to a thought I had about this yesterday, recalling the frenzy of gun-burying in the 90s, the query being posted that, if it's bad enough to bury our guns now, how will it get before we dig them back up?