Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh yeah, I'm pissed

At the open socialists and the useful idiots in the house- in the case of Stupak more like 'useful backstabbers'- who thought they could pretend to hold to what the people who vote tell them while simultaneously kissing Pelosi and Obama ass. Oh yeah, I'm pissed.

These people better be very happy we're not the people they lie about us being; if we were, there would already be broken windows and broken bones. Maybe a few bodies.

We're not going to forget you, not any single one of you God-damned betrayers. You liars.

I'm leaning toward that line from Next of Kin: "You ain't seen trouble yet; but it's comin'."

Oh, and anybody who thinks calling them socialists is mean, or wrong? The RWPP Sharpton let the cat out, so they've admitted exactly what they are.


Titan Mk6B said...

Firehand, you and I are lucky since none of our elected represenatives voted for this mess. I can only hope that other districts in the nation wake up and vote the bastards out. Unfortunately I am not real hopeful of ever achieving the numbers necessary to kill this thing.

Anonymous said...

I live in one of the leftest most "Progressive" areas in the Country, the Puget Sound Basin. Unemployment here is very high and growing. I see fewer and fewer obama stickers every day. My next door neighbor, Gary and his wife, both obama voters lost their jobs recently and will soon lose their new cash for clunkers cars and very possible their house. They both deeply regret voting democRAT.

I learned today that Gary has found work in a McDonald's making about 60% of what he earned a month ago. His wife is still looking. Let me tell you, people's views are changing.

Gerry N.