Monday, March 22, 2010

The gentleman at Eternity Road has a good thought:

Let them know fear. I'd add 'disgust'. One of his suggestions is a lot less messy than the things that came to mind:
It is therefore important to remember that the congressmen who vote regularly to usurp the rights of the people against their will are also members of our communities. They must be cast out.

If they choose to associate with the thieves in Washington D.C. and vote the wealth of the people to be given to themselves, then they choose to stay there. They are no longer welcome among us.

If they choose to tar their opponents as racists or shut down protests against their betrayals, then they choose to forfeit their own rights to speak. Any media that grant them interviews should be boycotted, any appearance they make should be disrupted by peaceful, but loud protest. If they will not listen to the people speak, then the people must ensure they may not speak either
One of the things that's annoyed hell out of me for years has been the deference shown to politicians; somebody gets introduced as Rep. Foghorn or Senator Jackass and far too many people damn near literally kiss their ass. It's given them far to high an opinion of themselves; they need to be reminded that they're hired help. As the past while has demonstrated they've far too often become corrupt and/or incompetent hired help, but hired help nonetheless. AND THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED OF IT.

One of the bastards who sold you out smiles and holds out his hand, tell him you just washed. He starts to lecture you, tell him you don't take lectures from crooked hired hands. Yeah, people around him will bitch and whine and threaten: their own sense of importance is tied in to people bowing down to The Rep. or The Senator. Tough shit. Don't let them get away with it. They're on an interview show, call in and make the point that they weren't sent there to sell out for some appointment or other federal job, and don't let them talk around it.

And if you can, record it, and post it. Make sure word gets around, so every time the bastard tries to weasel-word or threaten, everybody and their grandma can watch or listen to it.

That's what comes to mind for me. On the less messy side.


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