Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We will plague the Socialists who sold us out,

we will end their political careers, we will dog them at their every appearance, their every step, and when they see the yellow of the Gadsen flying uniform in the wind with the American flag they will fear us as a government should fear its people – NOT the other way around.

We will hold every Republican to the fire and so help us if they don’t fight until their last breath to repeal this massive affront to liberty we will burn them in effigy along with the traitors to the Constitution.

We will insert ourselves into every branch and level of public service and devour our party so we will never have to worry about another impotent candidate ascending to power again, so we never again have to worry about being bulldozed by tyrants

Sounds good. Though I still want to- well, how about a small trailer with the smell of hot tar for atmosphere when these bastards talk down to us? Maybe a few handfuls of feathers thrown up? And THIS Gadsden flag:
Patches available here from Thirdpower

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Anonymous said...

Also - Continue the Windows War (see Sipsey Street Irregulars) to the Kongress Kritters homes. Every one of them. RINO & Socialist. In & out of office. No exceptions.
I'm sure there's a database out there giving home state addresses.

B Woodman