Thursday, March 25, 2010

As to the National Socialist(Democrat) whining about 'threats',

Insty has some bits and pieces of past National Socialist threats and acts:
here and here and here and here, for instance. Lots of actual attacks on people, lots of real violence, beatings and arson and property damage.

And let us not forget the major media: those people who did their best to report the absolute minimum on the above, when they bothered to report it at all. What did I keep hearing last night? They kept playing a recording of a woman who called one of Hoyer's buttmonkeys and called him a piece of shit, and THAT was blared as A THREAT! AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE!!! And the media- including Fox, that supposed Stupid Party mouthpiece- kept repeating Hoyer's and the other NS dirtbags accusations, over and over.
There's a reason I have a category 'Reporters- sorry excuse for'.

Again from Insty: He was notably silent when it was President Obama making pitchfork threats, and when his political ally ACORN was busing mobs to executives’ homes. Man up, Steny. Or just, you know, shut up. You’re a hypocrite when it comes to thuggery, and you and your colleagues aren’t credible playing the victim.

Like the bullshit about people yelling racial and homosexual slurs? That stuff that didn't happen?
Meanwhile, if it had to pass by a referendum among American voters, would spitting on Congressmen even be a crime?
UPDATE: Stephen Green emails: “If it had to pass by referendum…spitting on congressmen might be compulsory.”
Only after drinking heavily, so it's more of 'throwing up on'.

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Fat Fella said...

One of the things that worries me at the moment is an imperious party heading for a heavy electoral defeat this autumn, may be thinking of underhand ways of encouraging support, or to undermine oponents.

It can be argued that Margaret Thatcher won her second term in office on the back of a war that could very easily have been avoided diplomatically.

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, it could also be argued that the Falklands war was engineered. There are certainly submariners who say they were under orders to do nothing, while the invasion fleet sailed above them, and they listened to the ships' propellors.

In history, we have the poor defenceless, chaos torn weimar republic having the Reichstag burned down by a "communist".

Six years later we have "Imperialist aggression" from those "evil" Poles, perpetrated on "peaceful" National Socialist Germany, with Polish uniform wearing soldiers "crossing the border" attacking a radio station and broadcasting anti German propaganda.

As Russian history books still tell us, we also have "evil" Poland "invading" the USSR.

We also had those "evil" Finns, not only refusing to give the region of Karelia to Uncle Joe ("the greatest genious mankind ever produced"), but also shelling the Russian village of Mainila!

I'm suggesting to a few Bloggers that the possibility of Reichstag fires etc should be aired, about weekly?

My idea is to make such actions much less appealing to anyone thinking of planning one, and also, so that if one occurs, it is recognised for what it is more quickly, and by more people.