Friday, February 05, 2010

Well, that IS a good question: What is the Austin Police Department

trying to hide?
Forgive me if I can't help but focus on these words:

[T]he department wishes to withhold some of the requested information and has asked for a decision from the Attorney General about whether the information is within an exception to public disclosure.


Sorry, and with all due respect and gratitude to Ms. Tripp for following up and fleshing out so many details for us, when the government dodges being forthcoming, and thus held accountable to the law for information their agents are willing to personally attest to on an official record (with all the attendant liabilities that implies), my antennae go up.

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Melissa In Texas said...

Firehand, many Texans want answers to these questions. I am not trying to be a link ummm... Ho, but
I too have been posting on this, here:

and here: