Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Cuba: the kind of 'gun control' the Brady Bunch, Violence Policy Center

and Obama would love to force on us:
Cuba has declared a two-month amnesty for citizens to register unlicensed guns, and says those passing aptitude and psychological tests will be allowed to keep their weapons.
A: Anybody who believes they mean that, and trusts them, is a fool.
B: This is exactly the kind of crap the Brady Group, Mayors Against Gun Ownership & Co. would love to force on us: "Just take the tests, and if we decide you're approved you'll be allowed to own that gun. For now."

And that brings us to the question of "If a communist dictatorship on a bloody island can't keep people from getting or making guns, just how the hell is that supposed to work here?"
The move is unusual in a state where almost no one except some active military personnel and plain-clothed state security agents are allowed to possess weapons.

Even most police officers are required to leave their pistols at the station or in a regional barracks when on vacation or leave, and young men participating in mandatory military service are given unloaded firearms for most exercises
And yet we read this further down:
While Cuba is among the safest countries in the hemisphere, it is not unusual to find firearms in Cuban homes, though most are weapons improvised from household materials or guns that were smuggled into the country and bought on the black market.
'Safest country'. Snorf. Hehehehehe.....

And why might people be a bit untrusting of the 'amnesty'?
Cubans were encouraged to register any weapons they owned in the years after Fidel Castro and his band of rebels toppled dictator Fulgencio Batista on Jan. 1, 1959. But later authorities used a list of those who had sought licenses to go door-to-door and encourage them to turn over their firearms - even antiques considered family heirlooms.
Nice word, that: 'encourage'. As in "It would be very unfortunate if bad things happened to your family because you didn't surrender that Mauser like a good peasantsupporter of the revolution would."

And just to make it more wonderful,
The call to register arms is for Cubans civilians, and the bulletin stated that "security and protection agents, detectives and bodyguards will be summoned by the Ministry of the Interior" for an independent licensing process.
Yep. Approved minions of the State will get a different licensing setup. Isn't that just so deserving of trust that you could puke?

And it's what people like Bloomberg would love to do to us.


Anonymous said...

Guns? What guns? I don't got no guns. Ohhhh. THAT guns! You mean the ones I lost overboard on that ocean fishing trip three years ago? That guns?

B Woodman

Firehand said...

Remember seeing some stuff back when Canada was first going to their long gun registration, some guy in a barber shop: "That Benelli? Damned thing went overboard while I was duck hunting last fall, never did find it."