Friday, February 05, 2010

'No tax increases' my ass; this is on the line of using candy

to lure a kid into an alley so you can rape them:
Wall Street Journal op-ed, Another Obama Tax Hike: The Senate Health-Care Bill Would Raise Effective Marginal Tax Rates on Lower and Middle-Income Singles and Families up to 41%, by Douglas Holtz-Eakin (Former Director, Congressional Budget Office; Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations) & Alex Brill (American Enerprise Institute):

[The Senate health care bill raises] to shocking levels the effective marginal tax rates (EMTR) on lower and middle-income singles and families--with the government taking up to 41% of each additional dollar. ...
Got that? Tax increases by back 'helping you with your health care'.
As a family's income rises above 133% of poverty, Medicaid eligibility will be eliminated but a family that does not receive health insurance from their employer will receive a subsidy to purchase health insurance in the "exchange." In turn, however, as their efforts yield higher income, subsidies are clawed back or effectively taxed away. The current law policies show that there are already some lower income families facing EMTRs above those in the middle class. But the barrier to success imposed by health-care reform is even more striking. According to the Congressional Budget Office, about 20 million people would receive a subsidy to purchase insurance through an exchange and thus face a higher EMTR.

So. Obama promises 'no tax increases if you're not 'rich' ', which definition keeps shifting around; then this crap would give you a subsidy(i.e., other peoples money) to 'help' you get insurance, but that subsidy would be considered income so you'll pay higher taxes... And anyone who works hard and succeeds will be raped with this garbage, making it not worth succeeding.

So the Obamites get two things: take control of our health care, and destroy growth because people won't want to work hard and 'succeed' when it means they'll be taxed to death for doing so. Wonderful people, aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

Ayn Rand would be SOOOOO proud to see her vision as outlined in "Atlas Shrugged" coming true. . .
That, or she's spinning so fast in her grave that we could harness her as an "alternative" energy source.

Having just finished reading "Atlas Shrugged", I will continue to refer to it as long as this Obeyme (or any other Big Gub'ment) administration continues to push for "equality of results" as opposed to "equality of opportunity".

Preparing to "Shrug",
B Woodman