Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, they've changed the weather forecast to 'winter storm warning'

for the area. Yuck. I've got my stuff together just in case, so should be ok; not hugely comfortable, but ok. Tell you this: I haven't bought a generator because it's been the problem of 'buy something(and a good one ain't cheap) that you may need once or twice every three or four years'. But if all this global warmering keeps causing crap like this to happen in winter, I'm getting one. And getting the wiring Og told me about done so I can plug it into the house.

By the way, speaking of price increases, I got a gallon jug of lamp oil the other day; the stuff has a little more than doubled since I last got some.

I have to say, not as prepared as I'd like, and it's pure dumbass on my part. I need to make a list of maybe five things I need to get in the near future.


martywd said...

I did a couple of searches of "Og's" site to see if I could find the 'getting the wiring' reference you made in your post here?  I couldn't find anything?   I have experience with wiring residential manual transfer switch setups and would say to you, if you got a generator?   Considering that you'd ONLY be using this setup in emergency situation, buy a couple (depending of number of outlets on the generator) of extension cords to get emergency electric INTO the house, then use some bought or built multi-outlet strips (more extension cords, I realize) to supply the stuff you need to keep running when the power is out.   Maybe not as pretty as buying a transfer switch, sub-panel, additional cable, breakers, etc., but it would work!   Now.

The challenge is how / where to store all the fuel necessary to run for extended periods?   And then there's the neighbors?

Firehand said...

Generator would be set up in the back yard, where Security Staff would make it less likely some freelance socialist would try to help himself to it.

From what I've read, can use one about three hours or so a day and use refrigerator/freezer normally. Of course, could only use the heater when the gen was on to power the blower. I'm probably build a little house for it I could take apart when not needed, to keep the weather off.