Friday, January 29, 2010

The 'artist' is a friggin' egocentric moron

with delusions he's actually worth the oxygen he uses up on a daily basis.

And anybody who considers him a vastly important figure to keep an eye out for is a fool. Unless that's code for 'waiting until he's in front of a good backstop'; then they may be onto something.

Via Tam.


Windy Wilson said...

But he's an ARTIST!
The normal rules of society, morality, religion and law don't apply to him.

As the Montana artist Charles M. Russell said, "An artist is the only thing you can say you is, that nobody can say you ain't.

I'm thinking TASER.
Serve him right.

Firehand said...

Part of the problem is all the idiots who, long as someone says he is or is accepted(by the right people, of course) as an 'artist', will put up with levels of idiocy and bullshit that are just amazing.

I remember seeing some show about ten or so years ago about a couple in NYEffnC who befriended young up & coming artists and had a fortune in art due to it. One of their pieces was about four inches of manila rope, frayed on the ends, stapled to a piece of board. That was it, and it was valued at $10k.