Saturday, January 30, 2010

To borrow Mike Harmon's words,

"This is one sick culture."


skidmark said...

No, not sick. There's lots of commentary already out there explaining the differences in cultures between ours ("civilized" Western) and theirs, but it all boils down to power and the assigned roles of the sexes. Go look it up.

stay safe.

(wv = "purdi" - 'He's sure got a purdi mouth' takes on a whole same meaning.

Keith said...

That type of thinking and behaviour seems to be pretty common in strict Moslem areas.

I've heard of simillar things from Saudi Arabia, and from Pakistani and Bengali Moslems in Britain.

as a really crude generalisation, a lot of Moslems believe that they can't possibly catch AIDS, because they are Moslem.

Keith said...

I've never thought to look up the origin of the word "Catamite"

Firehand said...

Skid, when they've denigrated women to this point, it's a sick culture. And this is one of the results. I don't care who the adults bang; that they think it's just dandy to use boys as sex toys because they don't really count, that's another sign of the sickness.