Friday, September 25, 2009

According to Blackfive, McChrystal has NOT

threatened to resign if the plan is not approved.

At this point, it is probably the smart thing to sit back and let this process work and see what comes out the other end - if that takes place in a timely manner. At the moment I still hold the opinion it is "fish or cut bait" time. Or, in Texas Hold 'Em terms, it's time to go all in or fold. I'll be very interested to see what the final decision will be. In the meantime:

“This is the right kind of process, and the way I see duty,” he said. “I have been given the opportunity to provide my inputs to the decision. Then it is my duty to execute that decision.”

I'll still maintain that depends on the decision, however it should be clear to all that the rumors about McChyrstal's resignation if his plan wasn't approved were not true.

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