Friday, September 25, 2009

“This probably sounds a little crazy to some people that we are voting on something before

we have seen legislative language.”
No bleep?

That's from Sen. Max Baucus(Dirtbag-MT) as part of his 'explanation' as to why it's 'too hard' for the health care takeover bill to be posted online for 72 hours before they vote on it.

As Insty says, it's not too hard; they just don't want us to see what they're trying to do before they do it.


martywd said...

via the lonestartimes blog comes a post that a TX US Rep had already put the _entire_ bill online prior to Baucus' asinine statement.  The link here to the lonestartimes post if anyone is interested in doing a copy & paste?

If one wades in to read this bill, you'll definitely be in in need of some healthcare, I'm afraid.  Unreadable would be an understatement.

Firehand said...

Healthcare or booze?

Which might be identical in this case