Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, maybe Pres. B. Hussein Obama is too busy to think about Afghanistan

when his administration is busy blocking inquiries on the Inspector General matters; when his friends at ACORN are facing IRS and LA investigations for failure to pay taxes(does ANYBODY with the Democrat Party at the upper levels pay their damn taxes?).

Or maybe they have to help HCAN with their astroturf work or he's too tied up playing global warming scare at the UN. And I guess trying to figure how to spin the current news on Social Security(The End of Obamanomics: Social Security to Go Into Deficit 2010-2011, and Then Permanently in 2017) is taking some time and attention.

So with all that going on, maybe he just doesn't have the attention yet to deal with what his General says is needed.

I should also mention, taking inventory of 'his weapons' is probably taking some time and attention, too.

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