Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little more on the 'better system' Obama claims as his reason

for betraying the Poles and Czechs:
The fact sheet says this system will protect "our Allies in Europe sooner and more comprehensively than the previous program, and involves more flexible and survivable systems." That is a lie. The system that was being placed in Poland is already operational in Alaska. These new plans will now take years of negotations to implement and will necessarily be less survivable as they will not be underground.

The fact sheet says that "The Czech Republic and Poland, as close, strategic and steadfast Allies of the United States, will be central to our continued consultations with NATO Allies on our defense against the growing ballistic missile threat." That is a lie. The Czechs and Poles get a midnight phone call from the president while Tauscher is already in the air. They were not consulted with and have been given no assurances -- because the president is selling them out.

The fact sheet says, "We also welcome Russian cooperation to bring its missile defense capabilities into a broader defense of our common strategic interests." If that's true, our president is totally clueless about Russian capabilities and intentions -- even Bush, who looked into Putin's soul, was not so delusional as to think U.S. missile defense could be dependent on Russian good will and cooperation
Kind of like "MY health care plan", except there's no plan with his name on it, we have "MY missile defense system" that's not operational, etc.


Windy Wilson said...

Did President Obama ever work for Microsoft? This business about "My Health Care Plan" and "My Missle Defense System", both of which are not operational when we the sheeple are supposed to commit to them sounds to me an awful lot like Microsoft's practice of pushing "vaporware". You know, "don't by that pretty good product from ---- now , wait, we'll have a terrific product out in 6 months, and it will be compatible across your system and use the same Microsoft protocols so learning will be easier . . ." Except it will really be 18 months, there will be some problems crashing, and it won't be enough of an improvment to warrant the wait.

Anonymous said...

The next move will be for both countries to pull their troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

And I like where I read that the Polish government is answering Hillary's phone calls any more.