Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I am afraid I no longer believe"

in a number of things. Like our major media. And President Obama's statements.
No one points out that almost every historical reference Obama invoked in Cairo—from the supposed Muslim role in great world discoveries to Islam fueling the Renaissance and Enlightenment to the Inquisition and Spain—was inflated, but, more importantly, always inflated from a politically-correct point of view.
I do not believe any of his numbers concerning, or analysis about, Muslims in America. I do not think he has a clue about the Renaissance and its relationship to the flight of Greek-speaking scholars to Western Europe from the fear of Turkish Muslims, or the Enlightenment’s interest in a Greece suffering under the yoke of an oppressive Ottoman fundamentalism
Read it all. And that last bit I quoted reminded me of something: any idea when was the last major invasion of Europe by an islamic power? 1683. The Ottoman army made it all the way to, and laid seige to, Vienna. As in Austria. Damn near conquered most of western Europe. Think President Obama will ever make mention of that when talking about islam's contributions to the Renaissance and Enlightenment?

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