Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Be it noted that David Letterman

is an asshole. A vicious, nasty, slimy, infected asshole.

And you 'Republicans' who crap on Palin and family at every opportunity? You're just as low and dirty.


Fire said...

And THAT cannot be good.

Thud said...

off topic, but I commented about sami knives quite a while back...part of prog I mentioned can be found in link below...watch from about 2.20 in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64-ZN52KHmM&feature=related

Rev. Paul said...

You're being too nice to Letterman.

Anonymous said...

sorry, no-go on that..

Palin is a example of a very conscious effort to design a candidate to ''look'' like a package that would appeal to certain voter blocks,
in a way that hunters plastic decoys are designed to look like members of the flock to geese or ducks..
the decoys, ultimately, serve the hunters, not the other geese that they are modelled to resemble.

Palin is a opportunist like most, and the fact that she would collaborate with McCain, the illegals best friend.. should be the tip-off to anyone.

Palin is not a conservative. she is a reliable free-job exportation supporter, she supports every global-corp. platform issue that is paid for by the bribing lobbyists who run the two major parties,
Whatever visual appeal palin may have, she is a shill for GLOBALISM and NOT a economic patriot, anymore than any other official who gets the nod, from either party at the national level..
and if you dont like it, neither do I but thats what she really is.

Ask her supporters in alaska who she lobbied to get their bridge, and once it became a laughing-stock in the media, she threw them overboard, acted like she never supported the bridge to 'nowhere', and saved herself politically.. real stand up person..
(there are pics all over of her attending pro-bridge rallies in alaska, wearing tshirts supporting the bridge beign built before she switched sides for her OWN benefit)

Being conservative does NOT mean supporting blindly anyone who shows up in the corporate media being shilled as a 'great conservative'.. she is very self-interested, not very knowlegable, and a self-promoter.. none of which are qualities that are desireable in friends, let alone leaders..
we can do far better than sarah palin.

Firehand said...

Anony, I think you're full of crap.

Anonymous said...

I think you are your own worst enemy,
of the sort who keeps doing the same thing and supporting the same re-tread figures advocated and marketed to you through mass media owned by multi-national corporations,
and you cant figure out why you still lose, no matter if its bush or obama in office. they will always be 'one of you' when campaigning and they will always be a dutiful servant of well-paying multi-national corporate interests once they get elected.

Anonymous said...

the stupid, whether they think they are conservative or liberal, are easy to deceive,
not so much because they are easy to mislead, but because they WANT so much to believe there is a ''good guy'' on their side, the truth is not a impediment to the self deluded.

palin, like most politicians who take credit where possible, but never the blame, was for it, before she was against it.