Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Damn, I've caught all kinds of things, but never a Sidewinder

Despite the danger, Rodney Salomon, a commercial fisherman, reeled in the missile, attached it to his boat and kept fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for another 10 days before returning to port.

"I had it strapped to the roof of my boat as we rode through lightning storms," Mr Salomon said, according to local Tampa Bay's 10 Connects News.

The bomb squad from a nearby military base that promptly dismantled it upon his return to shore said the heavily corroded eight-foot-long missile could have exploded at any moment
And he did it again!
He said it wasn't the first one he and his three-man "Bold Venture" crew picked up. Days after the find, Mr Salomon nabbed another.

That one was beeping so he decided to let it go
Probably a wise decision; and I'm sure they wouldn't have let him keep it, either.

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