Saturday, May 23, 2009

Remember the H-S Precision idiocy?

Stingray talked to them- if you can call it that- at the convention. They said "It didn't happen."
“No comment. That never happened. He was never affiliated with us. No comment. Move along. We do not include product testimonials.” Added emphasis mine. He continued to chant the “no comment” talisman while making sure the other two H-S Precision employees got the notion that they should keep quiet too.
So I guess that wasn't actually a testimonial on their publication?
“What about the apology? Your company didn’t even — ” At this point, a white haired gentleman male stepped forward, visibly angry.

“What about an apology? Did they apologize for killing a US Marshall?”
“Did Vickie Weaver shoot him? Did the baby do it?”
“Well she was there! She knew damn well — ” at this point he was very animated and going red in the face. The original company spokesman tossed a few more “No comment!”s at me and physically removed the other individual to the back of the booth. The product rep I originally spoke to informed me that the interview was over and told me to leave the booth
Wonderful isn't it? Just a bit, ah, testy about the non-existent testimonial, aren't they? It's apparently done something for business, all right:
It’s also worth noting that at the H-S Precision booth all I had to do to speak to a representative was interrupt his coffee and conversation with the other reps. At the McMillan booth, they were popular enough that even though they had roughly four times the staff, I still had to wait about five minutes before it was my turn to get anybody’s ear. I had a good view of H-S Precision’s booth for a solid 20 minutes while standing in a line for something unrelated to this post, and during that entire time I still didn’t see anybody approach them.

It's still amazing to me that someone in such a company didn't tell whoever had the idea of that testimonial "Sir, have you considered the possible reaction to this?" Or that, if someone raised it, they discounted it. Either case, they're paying the price.

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell was that white-haired twit -- I hope they bury him in the same box as Lon Horiuchi so I can piss on both their graves at the same time