Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Rumor' and bigotry and bullcrap,

oh my.
So far we're off to a good start...

There is an ugly rumor circulating about a MySpace page and Senator Obama’s presidential candidacy. The rumor states you professed on your MySpace page to purchase an AK47 if Senator Obama was elected president. I believe in neither assuming nor accepting “rumors”. Therefore, I am approaching you because I feel we have a good working relationship.

Susan, my coworker doesn't know me very well. I'd never own a commie gun, and I haven't used MySpace in a few years. What I did say was said on facebook, and what I said was "Zero is celebrating Obama's victory by purchasing an assault rifle." It's nice to know that Susan and I have a good working relationship, because she's going to try damn hard to destroy it. Now watch as Susan goes ahead and assumes the rumor as true:

Go read. And marvel at the level of bigotry and misreading and general dumbass in the message.

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MauserMedic said...

There seems to be a perception that if you don't accept or celebrate something a black person does, it must be because you hate black people. I've managed to get the permanent evil eye from a young black lady who was very upset about who I voted for. The only reason to not vote for her candidate, in her opinion, was racism. Any attempts at explanation were simply a means to hide said racism.

Some people have defined their reality, and nothing will change it.