Saturday, December 27, 2008

It seems the National Geographic Society just can't stick with geography

and animals anymore:
National Geographic Channel ran a show last night entitled, "Guns In America." According to the program, there are millions of misguided
gun owners across the nation. Why? Because your guns are supposedly more likely to harm you than to help you in an emergency.

"As a society, we're totally out of control with weapons," said one Philadelphia cop who was interviewed during the show. "You need to limit access that people have to these type of firearms."

I've got family that used to contribute to them when they could; after this, I'll try to make sure they never do again.

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Anonymous said...

For a while now I was thinking about subscribing to the magazine, figuring they seemed to leave the worst of the politics out of their coverage. But this just made me reconsider for a good long time.