Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am officially sick to freakin' death of Kennedy worship

like the crap outlined here. The family is rich because of bootlegging. Ted Kennedy is a woman-abusing drunk hypocrite, just like the rest of the family in politics("The rich don't pay their fair share(but ignore my tax shelters), we must have alternative energy sources(but not where they spoil my view), guns are bad!(but don't talk about my armed guards) and so on). We've got this female basically demanding she be given a seat in the Senate because of her family name and money, and people you usually think of as intelligent(Koch for instance) are acting like worshipers trying to bring on another Ascension.

This isn't a damned monarchy, but an awful lot of people seem to want it go be. Friggin' Biden trying to hand a Senate seat to his son, and so forth. And I'm sick to death of it, and of every jackass who thinks it's a good idea.


Rustmeister said...

They're desperate for someone to put up against Sarah Palin in 2012.

pops1911 said...

I heartily agree! They should be retired from the limelight - remember a certain sneator is a part of the legacy - someone should take him for a long drive off a short dock!