Saturday, December 13, 2008

Again, there's all kinds of stuff out there to read,

like a nice piece on the difference between alpha male and predator threats.

Atlanta put together a police oversight board after the death of an old lady brought to light what a mess the PD was running, and the PD wants things changed so they can hide things from the board.
The city law recently enacted to create the review board gives the board “full access” to police reports and documents. Police officials are asking the city to allow them to only turn over documents and information that are public record, which is minimal when an investigation is ongoing.

If the change is approved, it would essentially allow the police department to withhold most information from the Citizen Review Board until after the department conducts its own investigation
Why, you ask?
Hagin said he and the department are pushing for the changes because they fear that the Review Board doesn’t have the experience or the resources to conduct investigations.

Investigations are fluid and constantly changing, he said, and the department worries that turning over police reports early would cause the review board to rush to judgment before knowing all the facts, Hagin said.

“For us, I think it’s better if we do our investigation in a reasonable period of time and then turn it over to them,” he said. “At the end of the day, I think the board is going to be impressed with the kind of work [the internal affairs unit] does.”

Umm, the same internal affairs unit that apparently couldn't or wouldn't do squat about the clowns until this death brought the whole mess into the public eye? Yeah, I think they'd be really unimpressed with that unit.

This has all the earmarks of the kind of "We'll give the board what we decide it needs to know and see" bullcrap that's poisoned things in many places over time. I'm hoping this gets stomped on. As should be pointed out, if the IA unit had been doing their damned job right, the murder of Mrs. Johnston would never have happened, and neither would a lot of other crap.

Oh, and ALL you cartridges suck! Just like all your guns do!

The Brillianter guy points out that sometimes what is, of itself, a non-lethal action can be cause for a lethal response.

The other day it was noted by many that lots and lots of news weenies, the kind who seem to be able to excuse democrats and socialists(or is that completely redundant, nowadays?) for pretty much anything, seemed to be working on the Gov. Blagojevich(Theiving Slimeball-IL) defense by talking over and over about how he must be insane. The definitely do not want to talk about the simple fact that he pushed the limits as he did, did the things he did, because he figured he'd get away with it because that's how it's done there. It's such a corrupt, inbred mess that the other day someone referring to a former alderman said something like 'it would be an insult to call him an 'alderman' because he was honest!' When you have people coming out with statements like that, it's a clue- in case you need one- of just how dirty things are. Blagojevich isn't insane; he's a fairly standard-issue IL/Chicago politician, crooked as hell and expecting to get by with crap like this.

I think that about covers it. All I've got time for, anyhow.

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