Saturday, December 13, 2008

So along with the general dirtbagginess of Blago,

he also ripped off money earmarked for conservation:
In an unprecedented move to reduce Illinois’ budget deficits, the Illinois Legislature passed a bill authorizing Gov. Rod Blagojevich to sweep $18 million from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, including $9.25 million from dedicated conservation funds, which are primarily generated through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, stamps and permits...

...sweeping them would cause Illinois to lose $15 million in federal funds that would be used for wildlife conservation. That loss would continue annually, until the swept funds were restored, so this action does nothing to solve the state budget deficit.”

Ah, but it gave him more money to use as he chose, so it's worth it. To him and his buttmonkeys, at least.

Speaking of Blago's general scumbagginess, the gentleman also points out
Blagojevich delivered these remarks while standing outside the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago...

...which, as it turns out, is the very same hospital that Federal prosecutors allege was secretly threatened by Blagojevich with a loss of $8 million in state funds, earmarked to reimburse doctors who treated Medicaid patients. The reason? Blagojevich complained that he never received a contribution from hospital CEO Patrick Magoon to the tune of $50,000

It should also be noted that Blago, one of the biggest gun-grabbing GFWs out there, had a state Firearms Owners Identification Card, which he had to surrender. Gee, why would someone who hates firearms and the people who own them, and has 24-hour police protection, need one, hmmmmm?

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