Sunday, October 05, 2008

No no, you mustn't lock up your tools,

then they might break in:
Tenants have been warned that padlocks can lead to thieves forcing their way through doors and windows of the council-owned sheds to steal garden equipment.

Bristol City Council claims its 'Don't Use a Padlock' initiative will save taxpayers' money because fewer sheds will have to be repaired or replaced.
But a gardener at Bifield Allotments, in the Stockwood area of the city, whose shed was broken into a few weeks ago, criticised the advice.

Terry Nichols, 71, a retired engineering consultant, who has rented a plot at the site for more than 25 years, said: "It beggars belief that the council is telling us to leave our sheds wide open so that anyone can get in them.

"Everyone who has an allotment has been sent a letter. I have never read anything so ridiculous in all my life.

"I doubt the council would pay up if the sheds were burgled while they were left unlocked."
The council acknowledged that not locking the sheds could leave expensive equipment uninsured.

The spokesman added: "It would be a matter for discussion between the allotment-holder and their insurance company which would be able to advise them on the conditions of their policy."
Translation: "If they steal your tools, that's your problem, but if they damage the shed it costs US!"

Of course, the 'US' money comes from taxing the ass off the people, so why are they so upset? They generally act like that's a bottomless well.


Anonymous said...

"so why are they so upset? They generally act like that's a bottomless well."

Well for a start it leaves less in the kitty for bribes, contracts with kickbacks to councillors and council employees, and less for expenses paid "fact finding trips" to exotic locations...


Anonymous said...

Oh, and it leaves them with less money to pay the tramps down on Broadway.