Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dealing with pirates

Seems some shipping lines are hiring contractors to protect ships and crews, especially around Somalia. With some of the usual "Oh NO!"
Mody says armed guards onboard ships may encourage pirates to use their weapons or spark an arms race between predators and prey. Currently, pirates often fire indiscriminately during an attack but don't aim to kill or injure crew. The pirates usually use assault rifles but have rocket-propelled grenades; some reports also say they have mini-cannon.
I admit to not being an expert on maritime affairs, but I'd think that discouraging 'firing indiscriminately' at my ship by rifles and RPGs would be a good thing.

"The standard approach is for (pirates) to come in with all guns blazing at the bridge because when a boat is stopped it's easier to board," said David Johnson, director of British security firm Eos. "But if you have guns onboard, you are going to escalate the situation. We don't want to turn that part of the world into the Wild West."
Uh, guy? You've got worse than the Wild West going on now; because when the dirtbags 'come in with all guns blazing', the good guys can't shoot back.

Notice how much this sounds like the GFWs here telling people not to get a gun for self-defense?


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that if merchant ships were equipped with three or four .50 M2's and had people aboard who knew how to use them, and more importantly had the will to do so, they could cause a dozen or more pirates to collect their raisins, giving others pause and inspiring them to pursue a less dangerous career.
Gerry N.

Firehand said...

I can see not having something on, for instance, an oil tanker; anything that causes a flash or spark they have a positive allergy to. But other carriers?

And on something like a cruise ship, I'd think having some suitable armament and trained crew would be considered a safety feature for the passengers.

Anonymous said...

"Currently, pirates often fire indiscriminately during an attack but don't aim to kill or injure crew."

Did I miss a meeting? When did the Somalis learn how to aim?

vlad said...

Gov Geo Bush signed Texas CCW law. DPS began to issue CCW permits in 1996.
The editor of local paper wet his bloomers and squealed that it would be slaughter -- a gunfight on every corner -- blood in the streets. If anything is is more peaceful now that thugs do not know which people are armed. My LEO pals say it is business as usual. Ho hum. I have been legally armed with concealed 45ACP for twelve years. Have not had the opportunity to shoot even one bad guy. Arm the merchant ships and pirates will steer clear of them

Jack said...

Maybe some one ought to bring back the Q Ships - a freighter armed to the teeth looking for trouble...

RobC said...

I second Jack's idea... anyone game to set up such a cruise? Should be mighty entertaining. :-)