Saturday, November 01, 2008

Looks like the Brits need to start with the lampposts

around 10 Downing Street. And the Ministry of Defense.
Major Sebastian Morley claims that Whitehall officials and military commanders repeatedly ignored his warnings that people would be killed if they continued to allow troops to be transported in the vulnerable Snatch Land Rovers.

As a result, he says Cpl Sarah Bryant – the first female soldier to die in Afghanistan – and three male colleagues, the SAS soldiers, Cpl Sean Reeve, L/Cpl Richard Larkin and Paul Stout were killed needlessly.

All four died when their lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover split apart after hitting a landmine in Helmand province in June.

In his resignation letter, Major Morley, the commander of D Squadron, 23 SAS, said "chronic underinvestment" in equipment by the Ministry of Defence was to blame for their deaths

Short version: the government is so busy spending everyone's money on 'buy votes and turn (fG)Britain into the New Soviet Republic that they don't want to be bothered with actually equipping the people they send to the sharp end.

I wonder how they'll feel about that when the sharp end moves into major cities in (fG)Britain?