Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little bit more roundup

seeing as it's late, I'm tired, and I will not have a tire for the bike until Friday. No, I'm not mounting it myself(yes, Fire, I said 'mounting'; shut up). I've done it, but not on aluminum wheels.

Let's see, Sondra points to a bunch of enviroweenies who give weenies a bad name:
Simon Woods, who is 6, would like to play on a baseball team. His mother, Sharon Astyk, is sympathetic, but is also heavily committed to shrinking her family’s carbon footprint. “We haven’t been able to find a league that doesn’t involve a long drive,” she said. “I say that it isn’t good for the planet, so we play catch in the yard.”

That is one way that Astyk, a mother of four, expresses her concern for the environment. She has unplugged the family refrigerator, using it as an icebox during warmer months by putting in frozen jugs of water as the coolant. (In colder weather, she stores milk and butter outdoors.) Her farmhouse in Knox, N.Y., has a homemade composting toilet. The house gets its heat from a wood stove; the average indoor winter temperature is 52 degrees.

...They air-dry their clothes, and their four sons often sleep huddled together to pool body heat.
David Chameides, a cameraman in Los Angeles, is collecting all the waste he generates in a year in his basement, and keeping a blog that describes his detritus. A sample entry (from Oct. 6, Day 279 out of 365) includes “1 bag of hair from haircut – put out on lawn for birds,” “1 plastic wrapper from ice cream – garbage” and “2 aluminum tuna cans – recycle.”
But Gore’s group doesn’t recommends reusing the same plastic Ziploc bag for a year, as Anita Lavine and Joe Turcotte, a Seattle couple, have been doing. When their two toddlers come home from preschool, Lavine scrubs the Ziploc bags that hold their soiled clothes and biodegradable diapers, and uses them the next day. She does the same with the plastic bags that hold her children’s apples “and random lunch stuff,” she said.

My daughter is much more sympathetic to morons like these than I am; if your kids have to sleep huddled up for warmth because you're such a freakin' idiot you refuse to use enough energy to keep the place warm, you should be... I don't know what.

They began this regimen in 2002. “My husband and I started to talk about climate change, and oil prices were going up,” Astyk said. “The other factor was a justice issue. There was a great disparity between the resources used by the Third World and by us, so we decided we had to cut back.”
Not everyone thinks that Lavine and her ilk are crazy. “What these people are doing is fantastic, needed and catalytic,” said David Gershon, the author of the book “Low Carbon Diet” and founder of the Empowerment Institute, a consultancy that helps people and communities reduce energy consumption. “Some people are in the vanguard and show what it’s possible to do,” he said

Listen, you dumbass: the reason the Third World countries don't use much energy is they can't; because they have (usually) socialist tyranny for a government, a trashed economy and NO WAY TO GET MORE ENERGY. In many cases because idiots like you and the Goreacle work to keep them from getting more. "What, you want a power plant? Or a hydroelectric plant? No, you can't have one. You'd just use electricity and want radios and televisions and computers; you'd hurt Mother Gaia's feelings and not live in your picturesque village any more, burning dung for heat and cooking."

There's a special place in hell for people who work to keep others living in the dark and living an iron-age(at best) existence; but we'll pass on that for now.

And as for you, Gershon, you bastard: yes, it's possible to live in a wood and dung hut, and have no electricity and no modern food storage and no artificial lights; THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A GOOD THING, jackass.

I swear, these clowns would probably fit right in with Bill the Incompetent and Cowardly Terrorist Ayers; they'd likely love the idea of killing 25 million people or so to cow the others into doing what they're told. Like living without a refrigerator. Or a heater. Or air conditioning.

Got news for you idiots: the first one that comes for my modern, powered conveniences gets shot. I am not going to go back to living in the dark and cold with nothing but wood or dried animal crap for heating. Or digging a damned pit latrine in the back yard because you idiots don't like the thought of a flush toilet.

As Quint said in Jaws, it's enough to piss off the Good Humor man.

Damn, how far (fG)Britain has fallen from what it once was:
Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle both witnessed the lethal fire that Boer farmer-riflemen rained on British troops in 1899. They returned home to promote civilian marksmanship through the expansion of rifle clubs in England. ...

"What the `clothyard shaft and grey goose-wing` effected, when guided by an English eye and an English hand at Crecy and Agincourt, the rifle bullet will do in any future contest...." wrote Hans Busk in The Rifle and How to Use it.

The London Times went so far as to editorialize: "The change from the old musket to the modern rifle has acted on the very life of the nation, like the changes from acorn to wheat and stone to iron are said to have revolutionized the primitive races of men."

Now the cops will show up and steal your legally owned firearms because they make a neighbor nervous. And God help you if you use a weapon to defend yourself. Or even punch an attacker too hard. Or demand actual numbers on the crime rate. Kind of like how a lot of our 'institutes of higher learning' are controlled by idiots and GFWs:
The Young Conservatives of Texas branch at the Houston-area Lone Star College-Tomball has been censored and threatened with campus-wide de-recognition for passing out a humorous pamphlet with gun jokes at a campus fair.

Oh, and in case you've forgotten, we need Smart People™ like Edwards to do our thinking for us:
Elizabeth Edwards —currently a health care advisor to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign—isn’t 100% behind the Democratic nominee’s health care plan.

Edwards complained that Obama… views healthcare as a commodity, rather than a human right. ...

said McCain’s plan fails in all important areas by leaving the decision-making process up to individuals, who can frequently “make stupid economics decisions.”

Yeah, like you and your hubby have such GOOD decision-making skills.

Enough. I need a drink.


Thud said...

Maybe they should go in for cholera etc...the real third world experience...cull a couple of planet killing children perhaps?

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Fire said...


It's not nice for you to tell a lady to shut up. Just like it's not nice for a lady to spit.

Fire said...

Come to think of it, Firehand...I haven't been mounted on aluminum wheels, either. I'd be open to the idea. ;)

Firehand said...

Somehow I knew something like that was coming. 'Open to the idea'? Damn

Fire said...

Sounds very promising.