Thursday, July 03, 2008

Having escaped from Soviet domination and communist government,

having put troops in the field with ours, for a number of reasons, as Theo says, I like the Poles. And here's another good reason:
Poland's parliament gave it the green light in April, but the signature of the country's president, Lech Kaczynski, is essential for the constitution to be enshrined in Polish law.

He was asked whether, following Irish voters' rejection of the treaty, he would ratify it. Mr Kaczynski said: 'This is now pointless.'

And in a sign that he would not be bullied into backing down, he added: 'It is difficult to say how this whole thing will end.

'The bloc functioned, functions and will go on functioning. It's not perfect but such a complicated structure cannot be perfect.'

In a newspaper interview, he also warned EU leaders desperately searching for a way out of the crisis by sidelining Ireland: 'If one breaks the rule of unanimity one time it will never exist again.'

His remarks, which came as France took over the EU's six-month rotating presidency, won praise from eurosceptics, who are convinced that Brussels is trying to bully Ireland into voting again.

The EUnuchs have tried to bully and threaten Ireland into voting 'yes', and when that didn't work they've been trying to ignore their own law that the vote had to be unanimous: and now here's another country saying "Forget it." And they'll try to ram it through anyway, because they know what's good for everyone. So they think.

Bravo, Poland! Bravo, President Kaczynski!

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Stephen Renico said...

Two more good reasons:
Casimir Pulaski
Thaddeus Kosciuszko