Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Well, if the coal companies are using 'the old Hitler

lie' for telling the truth, I guess I can be called a Nazi for saying "HARRY REID WANTS YOU TO FREEZE IN THE DARK THIS WINTER! AND PAY $7 A GALLON FOR GAS! AND HAVE FOOD PRICES KEEP RISING! Which is exactly what'll happen if we follow his prescription for our ills. He seems to think those things are better than burning any nasty fossil fuels:
"Coal makes us sick," Reid said, "oil makes us sick, it's global warming, it's ruining our country, it's ruining our world, we've got to stop using fossil fuel . . . ."

Seems what Reid & Co. want is lots of 'plans' for future alternatives that, assuming we actually find something to replace oil and coal, he won't want us to actually use:
The irony here is that it's environmentalists and Democrats who often stand in the way of alternative energy. Reid needs to talk to Ted Kennedy and John Kerry about their opposition to a wind farm off Cape Cod because it might spoil their view.

A 500-megawatt, 20,000-acre wind farm scheduled for Valley County, Mont., was stopped by environmentalists who complained that 400-foot turbines would disturb a nearby wilderness area.

The Sunrise Powerlink solar-energy project in Southern California is being fought because of a 150-mile, $1.5 billion high-voltage line connecting desert-based solar panels with the urban customers of San Diego Gas & Electric.
And so on.

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Keith said...

Coal has actually risen in price by a higher percentage than oil. In (fG)Britain;-) there are several companies looking to sink new mines.

The big laugh is, if she's still alive then, to get a senile old Margret Thatcher to cut the ribbon...

I did some coal exploration work in South Africa a couple of years ago. The coal industry there is red hot, and international prices are about 2 to 3 times what the state power generator is willing to pay, so the country has rolling power cuts.

Coal is brilliant stuff--- so long as the Unions don't get too powerful again.