Monday, June 30, 2008

And the media never calls these clowns

on their lies. Just to take one of the worst:
End gun-dealer fire sales. If the federal government shuts down gun dealers for selling illegally, it nevertheless allows those dealers to sell off their inventory without conducting the background checks that it normally requires them to do. Imagine if a liquor store was shut down for selling to minors. Would anyone support a policy that would allow the owner to sell off all the remaining liquor without checking IDs? Of course not.(bold mine)

This is just flat bullshit. AND THEY KNOW IT. But they say it anyway, put it in writing with their names on it. And the media will pass this garbage on as fact. If these two politicians had any sense of honor or shame left in their souls, it would flat amaze me.

This mess calls for more attention, but I don't have time right now. Thanks to the gentleman who escaped from MA for this.

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curtislowe said...

Yeah, I caught this article and fisked it too. Unbelievable what they will say and what the MSM lets them get away with...

Keep up the good work...