Saturday, April 12, 2008

Latest word from the son

Called his grandparents today and talked a while. They've been worried about him since the day he said he'd decided to enlist, so it doesn't bother me at all when he calls them instead of me or his monther.

Today didn't seem to work out all the well, though. Among the "I'm back at X, all's well, nothing I need," he- apparently thinking it would reassure them about his area being fairly safe- told the about the RPG that hit a humvee a short time ago. Hit the cupola, but since the gunner had dropped down to do something just before it hit, some relatively minor vehicle damage and nothing worse than ringing ears for the crew.

Did I mention that they worry?

This did not have the effect I think he was hoping for: when I spoke to them, his grandma sounded like she was, let us say, 'stressed' and on the verge of tears. Not good to hear.

He should have leave soon, so hopefully his coming back for a visit will help a bit.


Fire said...

I'll keep your son in my prayers. I'll also pray that his grandparents find some peace during this time, and for you as well.

BobG said...

Good luck to your son; hope he gets to see you and his grandparents soon.