Monday, April 07, 2008

Charlton Heston (updated)

I saw something Sunday about his death. He was a fine actor who demonstrated many times that he was willing to stand up for what he believed, no matter who it pissed off. I remember an interview with him after his disease was announced in which he showed a pair of pistols that had originally belonged to Thomas Jefferson; I always wondered if Heston ever fired them.

I think one of my favorite things he did(outside of movies) was the one speech he made at an NRA convention when Bill Clinton was President: can't remember the exact words, I think it was "Mr. President, we don't trust you with our daughters, and we damn sure don't trust you with our guns!"

I always thought two things:
First, it took an amount of nerve to say that, and
Clinton must have shit a brick when he heard about it.

Steve had this to say:
They ought to bury him with a sidearm, so he could smile down from heaven at his enemies and say, "No, not even THEN."


Fire said...

I'm guessing that Clinton's ass still hasn't recovered.

Mattexian said...

I like the idea (from Steve's comments) of everyone going to their fav gun range and having a "mad minute" of shooting in his remembrance, then sending the spent brass in to cast a statue of the great man.

Windy Wilson said...

I noticed that this morning the Left Angeles Slimes had a snarky cartoon about all the people murdered using guns who think he was somehow responsible. Cretins!
When Lee Iacocca dies, we'd better see snarky cartoons about the Pinto, and all the driving deaths in other cars. He's just as much an enabler.