Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In a comment on the fair, Fire said

...having to do about 50 things before you can settle in. That sucks.


A lady who works under the business name White Pavilion, making and selling clothes(dresses, shirts, pants, hats, etc.) comes to Med-Fair, and I usually try to help her set up on Thursday, and break down on Sunday. She arrives in her big Dodge van, packed to the roof, and has to do the following:

Unload the tent canopy, poles, ropes and stakes.

Set up the canopy(she can do it herself, but it's a big tent so an extra pair of hands helps).

Unload the tent walls, display stands, clothing racks, etc.

Depending on weather, sometimes has to put the walls on right now, otherwise can leave them down while assembling a lot of the racks, etc.

Unload the merchandise. In good weather can set it out on a tarp while finishing setup; in bad weather, has to put it either in the tent and work around it, or cover it with another tarp.

If didn't earlier, put up the walls. Then start hanging up the stuff, draping the changing area, etc.

That's the basic, not counting setup each morning before people come in and cleanup/rearranging/etc. each evening.

Now it's Sunday, after three busy days. Now all the remaining merchandise has to be appropriately cleaned off(if needed, some days are pretty dusty) and then bagged or boxed. Then the stuff has to be set out of the way, walls taken down, racks disassembled, tent taken down(stakes pulled, ropes coiled, poles collected, etc.) and everything loaded back into the van in proper order. So saying this isn't a lot of fun before you can go eat and get some sleep- or starting the drive home some times- is understatement. Usually I or my daughter can help her set up, and daughter often works for her during the fair. Happily, some of her friends are usually around and will help in breakdown and packing, which gets her on the road to her motel room or the highway home at least a couple of hours sooner than doing it alone.

But it's still not a whole lot of fun.


Fire said...

Holy Hell!!

I bet it really sucks having to do all that sh*t and not make a lot of money that weekend! That would so p*ss me off!

Firehand said...

It certainly does. Happily, she usually does well at this Fair, and most others.

Worst is bad weather that A: you have to set up and break down in that B: also keeps everyone away. THAT really sucks bigtime.