Thursday, April 10, 2008

And next in tonights list of horsecrap,

we have a friggin' idiot at the LA Times:
There he sits in elaborate Army regalia, four stars glistening on each shoulder, nine rows of colorful ribbons on his left breast, and various other medallions, brooches and patches scattered across the rest of the available real estate on his uniform. He even wears his name tag, a lone and incongruous hunk of cheap plastic in a region of pristine gilt, just in case the politicians aren’t sure who he is… Memo to Petraeus: When you’re making the case for more patriotic gore, go easy on the glitter.

I realize this brainless twit will never read this, but since the 'editorial' doesn't have a link for comments that I see, I'll say it here: Dumbass, how stupid do you have to be not to know that there are rules on how someone in the military service wears their uniform? Among other things, that 'cheap plastic' is a part of that uniform, and he HAS to wear it. Right on that spot.

You see, he actually worked his ass off for every one of those decorations and badges, a concept you may not be familiar with. At the very least, being a big-time journalist type, you might consider finding out what the hell you're writing about BEFORE you put your ignorance up for all to see.


BobG said...

Seems he can't grasp the distinction between a regulation uniform and bling. Living in California can do that to you, I guess.

Rustmeister said...


He said "brooches".

Whatta sissy. He'd better stick to wine.

Thud said...

Quite a funny little rant from the lefty..poor dickless wonder...those nasty men in the army with those shooty things are so scaaaaary!