Monday, March 24, 2008

Bodily violations and used books

Not at the same time, of course.

The violations occurring due to my going to the doctor today(which I dislike) for a physical(which I hate): a needle in the arm to draw blood- not a big deal- and a finger stuck into a part of me that doesn't like that(damn right that's a big deal. To me, anyway*).

So far the general consensus is that I do not have a fatal case of the galloping whatevers, but due to my recent birthday the doc informed me that I really should have a colonoscopy. Which I am looking forward to with such anticipation that I may leave town. What makes it worse is that I was informed that
A: they do sedate you for it, and
B: thus it is not considered a good idea to drive yourself.
Which means I have to ask someone for a ride there & back, and I hate asking anybody to do that. Aside from the general, it means they'll have to sit around for a couple of hours.

Which reflection made me think of books, which reminded me that I need to replace my set of The General, which I sent to the son in Iraq as reading material. So I looked at Amazon and DAMN! They don't have most of the series new, and some of the used carry descriptions like '22 used and new from $9.95'. For a damn paperback. So it'll take a while longer. Last time I checked the used bookstores around here, and one big one in Fort Worth, they didn't have any of them, and Barnes & Noble and Borders don't seem to have them, either. Drake's one of my favorite authors, and some of his stuff you just cannot count on finding used- if anybody turns loose of one it's to give it to someone- and finding them new can be spotty. Dammit.

*As I told a girlfriend one time, "If I ask you to bend over, at least there's going to be some pleasure involved for both of us; but that is just downright uncomfortable."


Fire said...

I am sorry that you feel violated. I often feel that way when my husband has sex with me. (Don't even get me started)

At least your girlfriend gets pleasure out of bending over...(Don't get me started)

Good luck with that colonoscopy. I am sure that everything will come out okay. ;) You'll be glad when it does too!

Kevin said...

Damn! And my copies are just about worn out!

According to Barnes & Noble, the first book, The Forge is still available at $5.99 as a re-release, so perhaps the rest will be following shortly?

Anonymous said...

Try Baen Books.

Anonymous said...

Give thanks for modern medicine. I have a friend who lost three feet of intestine because he never bothered with a colonoscopy. We live in an age where disease that would of surely killed our ancestors can be cured- and colon cancer is one of the most curable if it is caught early.

Firehand said...

Oh, I've been thankful for modern medicine for a long time. Dad would be crippled without it, and I probably would have died when the appendix decided to shuffle off this mortal coil.

I just don't like having object stuck in me, period. Let alone up that area.

Firehand said...

Kevin, I damn sure hope so; otherwise I'll be hitting used stores for God knows how long trying to find them.

Popular as his stuff is, they should be.

Anonymous said...

I have a serious lower tract problem and have had several short and full 'scope tests. Next one is a year away. It's the prep that chases most patients away. You have to drink a truly gross concoction that will, in the middle of the night and for hours later, have you sitting on the throne, with everything left in you from the past two weeks moving through. Oh, and stomach cramps. And gas for at least another day. Yes, get the ride there and back. BTW, I strongly suggest this test as it can save your life. And the person who creates a better way to clean out your system before the test will make more money than Bill Gates! Be well! OldeForce

Firehand said...

I start the prep tomorrow. After the stories I've heard recently about it, you can imagine with what happiness I look forward to being tied to the toilet for a day.

Or so.