Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They just won't learn

that it's not the object, it's the action:
Mr Hogan-Howe warned that it was “simply wrong” for judges to turn a blind eye to the legal requirement and that “very heavy sentences” were essential for deterring teenagers from carrying weapons.

He said: “The big issue for me is getting the guns out of society. There will always be gangs and criminals but today it is the fact that they carry guns which makes them truly intimidating. If we can get the guns out of their hands then we will make our society safer.

“The message the criminal justice system sends out about the serious consequences that flow from possessing a firearm is an important part of deterring people from carrying guns.”

You're on an island, with handguns already banned, etc. Stop worrying about the object, WORRY ABOUT WHAT THE CRIMINALS DO.

But it's so much easier to blame an object, isn't it?


Fire said...

The reason my PMS is so damn bad is because of GUNS!! It makes perfect sense to me. No guns, no PMS.

I seriously hope that people know me well enough to know that I am being my sweet, sarcastic self.

thud said...

This guy is the police chief for my area..gun crime has gotten away from him...he is in dire straights and needs some good pr....first he could actually try catching some bad guys.