Saturday, March 29, 2008

A while back I took note of some of Obama's connections

with Bill Ayers, among others. Well, some of the worshippers just found it, it seems, and left comments, among them:
Guilt by association and innuendo. Real nice hit piece you've worked up here. Maybe the Clinton campaign would like to link to you from their campaign site.
And just who is "WE" that don't want Obama as president? - would that "WE" be Racists People?! - John McCain is Racist So my guess is you're going to vote for him. Or perhaps you feel obligated to vote for Hilary just because one of your "WE" is a woman. Or would the "WE" perhaps be prejudice people? -- you're fine working with blacks and having them as neighbors and talking to them, but as far as one becoming President, you can't stand the idea.

'Innuendo' my ass. The man has a long association with the terrorist and his supporters, from the information available a quite friendly relationship. Which shouldn't surprise us, considering his long association with a church that seems to have a definite hate of the U.S. I just love it that you consider taking note of facts to be a 'hit piece'. Bite me.

And to Anonymous, posting insults and defenses of terrorists:
Got news for you, Guido, calling somebody 'racist' isn't the club it used to be. Precisely because of bullshit like this from people like you. Could hardly give a rats' ass less what color Obama is, it's his stand on things and what he wants to do that makes him a disaster-in-waiting for this country. And the show he's put on since the beliefs of his church came out: he's lied and played lawyer with words just like Bill Clinton over that, and it tells us a lot about him.

Ayers is a terrorist who's made it quite plain over decades that he's happy to be one. The only reason he's sort-of downplaying it now is that he figures it'll help Obama if he does.

And if you think I carry any brief for either of the Clintons, you have great big rocks in your head. The fact seems to be that both the Clintons and Obama have no problem at all associating with and/or giving aid to people who hate this country, as long as they think it'll buy them votes or give them access to people with money and/or influence. You may not bite me, but you can kiss my ass.

Now, Dad's in town and there's a gun show, so I'm off.

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thud said...

As soon as somebody starts shouting racist at the merest hint of criticism you know you are onto something..if shouting racist is all obama's supporters have..he is toast.