Thursday, February 28, 2008

Remember the problems in Brit hospitals

with muslims not wanting to expose their indecent wrists and forearms to wash properly?
Muslim medical workers in three major English cities are balking at hospital hygiene rules such as rolling up their sleeves when they scrub for surgery, according to The Daily Mail.

Health officials have been ready to wash their hands of the dispute, but at least one hospital is bending to the requests.

Female med students and staff at hospitals in at least a trio of large British cities — Liverpool, Leicester and Sheffield — have continued to flat-out refuse to comply with regulations aimed at fending off germs and infections, the Mail reported, with some saying they'd rather quit than expose their arms.
So get your sorry ass out of the profession. Or go somewhere that proper hygiene isn't considered such an important thing.
The workers object on the grounds that showing their forearms is immodest for women who practice Islam and against their religion. Hygiene gurus insist that no exceptions should be made for religious or other reasons.

I repeat what I said before: someone needs to say "My religion forbids letting patients suffer infections because idiots won't properly wash up. Either follow the rules or get out." 'Hygiene gurus' my ass, that's called 'proper procedures'. Instead, they get this:
At the Liverpool children's hospital, medical students gave a thumbs-down to pushing up or removing long sleeves while assisting in treating patients and washing their hands.

They asked for some concessions, and the hospital is complying

Students. Refusing to follow the rules and making demands. And the hospital is complying caving in. And, of course, nothing of this sort would be complete without
The Islamic Medical Association has gotten involved, telling Muslim women in the field that they must stay covered.

I wonder just what excuses the hospitals give to patients fighting infections spread by these idiots? Or the families of the people who died of them?


thud said...

Alder hey liverpool is my local childrens hospital...If I am ever unfortunate to have to visit I will be asking some rather pointed questions as to who will be looking after my child.

Windy Wilson said...

"I am a member of the Holy Equestrian Order of John Moses Browning. My religion forbids me to allow such a known harm to come to innocents by someone acting with such reckless disregard for the facts, and I am compelled to apply 230 grains of copper-coated lead to the head at 750 fps + or conduct Galilean-type gravitational experiments with the germ-murderer from a 10th floor window."

Oh, the wailing would start then!