Friday, February 29, 2008

More on the infection problems in Brit hospitals

Theo had a link to this:
Deaths from the hospital superbug C. diff have soared to record levels in a damning indictment of hygiene levels in the Health Service.

The Clostridium difficile stomach bug killed or hastened the death of almost 6,500 patients in 2006 - a staggering 72 per cent rise on the previous year.

And since 1990 the number of people infected by the bug has risen almost 50-fold. It is a bigger killer than MRSA.

Patients' representatives and politicians said the figures highlighted the failure of numerous Government drives to halt the rise of the bug, which thrives in filthy conditions and can be combated with simple soap and water.

Take note of that last sentence, and then this:
He added: "Since 2006 we have taken significant steps to tackle infections.

"These include stringent handwashing guidance for the NHS, a bare-below-the-elbows dress code, putting matrons back in charge of cleanliness on their wards and an on-going deep clean of every ward.
But the 'bare-below-the-elbows dress code' is exactly what the idiot-level muslims are objecting to. Maybe, just maybe, these numbers might get some of the PC-at-all-costs fools to stop playing games..


thud said...

My local children's hospital is at the heart of this..if god forbid I had to take my child in what do they think my reaction would be to a possibly non washing muslim doctor?

Windy Wilson said...

Up until it became a religious issue, the whole western world knew to ridicule the doctors who served with Dr. Semmelweiss and refused to wash their hands, thereby killing countless new mothers.

And those filthy doctors in the Crimea with Florence Nightengale.