Thursday, February 28, 2008

People the major media won't tell you about

because it wouldn't match up with their 'evil soldiers committing war crimes' storyline.
The three humvees were disabled by the VBIED and an immediate second blast which “came from nowhere”. Then all hell broke loose. The Marines were in a pre-registered and pre-planned kill zone. RPG’s, mortars, and small arms fire tore into the Marines. Knowing the Marines’ Rules of Engagement, the insurgents had positioned some of their heavy weapons in a hospital offering a devastating field of fire on the ambush site.

The dismounted QRF was devastated by the initial fusilade of fire. Of 16 Marines, 11 were down, with three killed instantly. Lance Cpl. Corbin immediately positioned his truck between the downed Marines and the bulk of the enemy forces. He leaped from his vehicle into the middle of the enemy fire and began directing those that could still shoulder a weapon to return fire, marking targets and taking control of the situation.

He then ran to his seriously wounded patrol leader, threw him over his shoulder and ran 40 yards back to his vehicle. Running under fire the whole way, he returned fire with his offhand while the Sergeant bled out on his shoulder.

Go read it. These people need to be recognized and remembered.


Fire said...

All of these men are deserving of the term "HERO". May God above bless them. For the one's that perished, may God receive your sacrifice and welcome you "HOME".

Arthur said...

Thanks for that link.