Monday, February 25, 2008

And to concentrate on the boys for a minute,

have your sons read the previous and then ask some questions. And I'm sure you can think of some.

If you're one of those more delusional types who think "MY son is a paragon of virtue, and I do not need to worry about this", I've got news for you: with very rare exceptions, your kid is just as horny as all the others, and on the subject of sex has about as much self-control, as issued from the factory, as a ferret in a box of packing peanuts. Which means you have to prepare them for what amounts to an open buffet in high school and college. For that matter, it starts in middle school for a bunch of them, which means you'd better talk about this mess with them early.

Two things for them to learn. Number one is the older problem that unpleasant things can happen to people who sleep around, ranging from minor infections to "I missed my period!" conversations to being screwed over by finding out that someone you thought actually liked you actually just wanted the use of your penis for a while. Or was just drunk and thought you looked like some actor she's got the hots for. Or both.

Second is the stuff Mac Donald pointed out. That chickie who sucked up booze like a vacuum pump and then sucked up you like said vacuum can, the next day(or week or month) screw your whole life up if she decides
A: "I wish I hadn't done that", followed by
B: "Therefore(according to current feminist theory), I WAS RAPED!"
She's got a whole damn network that'll support her and back her up and blame you for every damn thing, and that generally includes the school. Because no educrat wants to be accused of 'not supporting female students/womyn/the oppressed sex'; I mean, God, people might think they're not progressive and feminist themselves! Remember what happened a while ago at Harvard? The dean had the nerve to actually suggest the difference in numbers between males & females in some fields might be due to differences between the sexes, and the Legion of the Eternally Offended tried to destroy him. And did a pretty good job of it. Kid, do you think they'd have a second thought about stomping on you?

Another of the unpleasant facts of this mess is that she doesn't have to actually start this herself. All it takes is a somewhat radical friend who hears "I wish I hadn't done that" and pushes her to file a complaint. Or talks to some idiot teacher/professor who then pressures her into "acting to prevent this predator from harming other women", etc.

And the last is the very simple question to ask when they're old enough: do you really want to spend parties dipping your wick into every drunk female who decides she wants you? After all the other guys who've been doing so at the other parties? As somebody once put it, you screw her, you're also screwing everybody else she's screwed. And considering what you know about some of those guys, do you REALLY want that level of shared contact with them? Which question can go to daughters, too: considering what you know about some of these girls, do you REALLY what that level of shared contact with them by grabbing some guy they nailed at the last party?

To you parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles and just plain concerned friends: ain't all this fun?


Windy Wilson said...

You know, the way you describe it, the sexual contact between college students is really disgusting,and really different from when I was in college.
I can't help but think that this business of irresponsibility must have some effect on young women who, having been raised on a diet of "there is no difference between men's and women's sexuality except for social constructs", must then feel that since they don't want to get it on like the residents of a monkey house, they must not like sex with men and so therefore must be lesbian.
This of course gives more power to the campus GLBT clubs and community groups.
What a F****** mess!
(Sorry about the pun, but it is appropriate)

Anonymous said...

The most rebellious thing a young adult can do these days is not be promiscuous.