Sunday, July 01, 2007

Well, damn, it didn't rain last night!

or if it did, it was pretty light, just enough to keep things damp. Which means the ground can drain a bit more, things dry out just a touch.

I was able to mow the front yard by the procedure of
Make a pass
Bump the mower up & down to knock loose the wet grass caked on the deck
which produced enough clippings when raked up to fill a 5-gallon bucket(wet, packed clippings mind you) which went on the compost heap. Right on top of the mushrooms that were standing almost six inches high on the top. I can't even think about the back yard until it's had at least a couple of no-rain days; the mower would clog up every 15-20 feet. And my rose bushes are losing leaves, looks like bloody fall under them. I raked those up, too.

Just looked at the situation up northeast near Bartlesville and found this on Lake Hula:
Hulah Lake is  34.0 feet ABOVE  normal and falling.
The average discharge will be 44341 cubic feet per second.
Flood control pool utilizatioin is at 100.1%.
I think 34 feet above normal qualifies as a "Holy Crap!" situation.

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